Thyme To Get Primitive

Friday, April 9, 2010

Time to Get Moving

Well............Im loading up boxes now to ship home
and soon will be leaving to go North..........

Cant wait...I miss my family of course ....and My home
Miss my Kitchen....LOL

but I also miss crafting

I have Orders to do, and look forward to creating one new goody a day to put on here too

I will be heading to a Wholesale Mkt end of month and Promise to
post some pics of goodies I find

Hope you are all enjoying some nice spring weather


  1. hi sweets!! i can't wait to see what you make, your stuff is gorgeous....hope you have a safe trip home too...big prim hugs ♥

  2. Oh Lana...can't believe I found you! Just happened to read the post on Primitive Place blog that mentioned photographing your home for their mag. I remember visiting your house when you lived in or near Franklin MA...I think that was it? You had a retail shop attached and I still treasure the Christmas stockings I bought there. Can't wait to see the photo shoot in the mag. Nice to have you back up north!

  3. Thanks JoAnn, Oh My I havent touched this blog since April, we got back from FL and things were in a whirlwind, a sudden chance to sell our home, and we jumped on it...and bought the home on Cape Cod.....I cant wait for the next fall issue!
    thanks again

  4. Great to see your blog!
    Snow is just about gone, but not yet and my flower beds need a lot of work!!!!