Thyme To Get Primitive

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missing Cape Cod

We are down here, in Tropical Paradise, aka The Villages ,Florida!

so much to do, that I dont care to do

so little to do , that I like to do

weathers nice, so we spend a couple hours at the pool

after that, we head home, and I have been working, on orders in afternoons

Usually dont take orders for this time of year, BUT this year I decided I needed

to make a little extra money, since I was a spendaholic from July til December

We moved to Cape Cod , July 1st, and I was replacing pieces I had sold over the years

so.........bottom line, I spent way too much in a short time, and now

I must work!!

We will head back to New England 1st week May......

I cant see my flowers popping up!

The home we bought has so many flowers.....hoping to learn their names!