Thyme To Get Primitive

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is Here

This winter we did get a little work done on our place...
we had a built in cabinet in the dining room, that was painted a horrible
orange....everytime I sat down to eat a meal I felt like
I was inside a Big Pumpkin

Spring has least gave us all a tease!

I am still down in Florida, land of the sunny warm winters
Not this way

we had friends visiting us for 11 days and it was not even warm enough to
go to the pool........we got 4 nice days out of 11

Now they are gone and we have been working on a couple of orders
and David is working now on a floor cloth for my kitchen up north

We will head back to Massachusetts, 3rd week in April and begin filling

I also have a little fun scheduled......*(NOT)
I have surgery May 7th.....hopefully just a one night hospital stay

In June I will be exhibiting my Seasonal Primitive Line
at The Grass Roots Oaks Pa
with Market Square Shows...look forward to meeting many new
shop owners and seeing alot of old familiar faces too!


  1. hello my are you??? it seems like forever since we chatted, lol...miss you!!! hugs ♥

  2. Oh I am in a hectic mess right now..
    recovering from surgery, preparing for wholesale market, and
    contemplating a BIG move!